My love of horses started with the first sight of these adorable animals when I was about four years old. This passion never stopped, but grew stronger through contact with the noble Arabian breed of horses. 

My dream of owning an Arabian horse came true with the first arabian mare: Lady Magic Star, who epitomized everything in her name. She introduced me to the great adventure of successfully breeding.


2005 Lady Magic Star gave birth to her first filly, Munya by Philas - my first bred arabian foal and today my favourite riding horse.

2007 her second foal was born, a colt named Magic Merlin, also by Philas, he is enjoying life with his new owner.

In the meantime I have become acquinated with other breeders - including Verena Egli and Josef Zurkirchen from Lasahr Arabians.

2009 Lady Magic Star gave birth to a gorgeous colt named MS Masou by Forever Besson, which was on lease at Lasahr Arabians. MS Masou was named as best swiss bred stallion over all classes in 2010 at the Beständeschau (stock show) in Frauenfeld.

Having long admired L.A. Nadeshnjj - another unbelievable dream came true when he was entrusted to us in 2010 and 2011. In 2011 two wonderful fillies were born out of Lady Magic Star and Munya with Nadeshnjj as  the father.

In the same year, the wonderful breeding mare Nil Nouza was leased to the stud. She gave birth to an outstanding filly named MS Nouri by Monther al Nasser in 2012.

All these wonderful horses have given me the chance to experience breeding, handling and starting horses, and has aroused my curiosity to learn more in the future.







Managing horses, and especially breeding, is impossible without lots of helping hands and people,

who share my love and enthusiasm for horses.

My dear Mum, who had to put up with my crazy ideas, and certainly now still is laughing about me - from above.

Regula, my dear friend and business associate, always had an open ear for all the good and bad news about horses and the rest of my life... and she consistently supported me through all the hard times. I will always be in her debt.

Fritz and Karin, friends, horselovers, breeders, trainers and always there, when I need help in any matter.

Kerstin, a passionate horsewoman, who became a good friend in the last three years, also often keeps my head

above water. She always makes everything possible - even the impossible.

Fritz and Hedi, friends for a long time, and most experienced cooks, I love the profound discussions we have about life.

Alois, who helped shape all my crazy plans into reality - with enormous artisanal knowledge, endless patience and commitment to perfection - I wish him good luck for his new life.

There is not enough room to recognise all the people by name who have supported me over the years, but thanks to you all!

Horses enriched my life in the past, and do so every single day.

If this homepage conjures a smile in your face - I am happy - enjoy it!